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The Hampshire Flying Group is an equity group of enthusiastic pilots who own and fly three different aircraft from Popham Airfield in North Hampshire. The Group was started in the early days of Popham by the founder of the airfield, and has run continuously ever since.

We welcome new members

Whether you are a pilot looking for variety or aircraft or a new pilot seeking to join a group environment, the Hampshire Flying Group can meet your needs for a modest capital outlay.

All members of the group have an equal equity share.


Members have independent access to the hangar, make their own bookings, get the aircraft out of the hangar and prepare it, and at the end of the flight put the aircraft away clean and tidy for the next pilot.

As co-owner of the aircraft you are expected to treat them with care and have an interest in their continued airworthiness.


Aircraft availability is excellent. As a member you have access to an online booking system allowing pilots to make their own reservations and our group portal giving access to aircraft information, group records and resources.


Our Current Aircraft

G-GDKR Robin DR400

The Robin DR400 is a great looking 4-seater aeroplane with fabric on a wood frame construction and powered by a 160hp Lycoming engine with a fixed pitch propeller.

It cruises at 120kt with a duration of 3 hours plus reserve - an ideal touring machine.. KR has a comms radio along with a Honeywell Skymap GPS and a mode C transponder.

It has a comfortable cabin with great visibility and is a real treat to fly Members flying this aeroplane will be covered under the SEP rating and will just need a flight with our check pilot.

G-BTLB Wassmer WA52

Our Wassmer is one of only three on the UK register. It's an attractive looking low wing 4-seater of composite construction. It is powered by a 160hp Lycoming engine fitted with a variable pitch propeller. It cruises at 120kt and has a duration of 3 hours plus reserve - an ideal touring machine. As well as a comms radio it has a VOR receiver with RNAV and a mode S transponder. The cabin had a refit in 2013.

Members will need differences training to cover the use of the VP prop as part of getting checked out.

G-BANA Robin DR221

Our newest arrival in the Summer of 2023 is a 2+2 seater taildragger, powered by a 108hp Lycoming engine, and which shares a similar construction to KR. NA is an excellent addition with its 90kt cruise and it has VOR and ADF navigation capability

This smaller 2-seat aircraft complements our 4-seaters and as a taildragger provides an extra challenge for both new and experienced pilots.

Members wishing to fly this aeroplane will need to have completed differences training elsewhere to cover tailwheel aeroplanes before getting checked out.

Popham Airfield

When new members join Hampshire Flying Group they must also join the Spitfire Flying Club which manages Popham Airfield.

The benefits are:

  • No landing fees
  • Free use of all of the facilities at Popham, including the cafe/restaurant
  • A pilot briefing and planning room equipped with a computer to access weather information and NOTAMs
  • Free entry to the many events that are held on the Airfield
  • Members also get a 10% discount on food bought in the cafe

EGHP Popham

N511138 W0011407

550ft (20hPa)

Popham Website

To find out more about Popham



Frequently Asked Questions

  • To join the Hampshire Flying Group, you simply buy a share in the Group. The share covers all three aircraft and you'll get checked out on any that you wish to fly.

    New members can buy into the Group providing shares are available, or buy a share from a member looking to sell. In all cases prospective members have an initial meeting at the airfield with a few of the members, and then the wider group membership conducts a brief interview during one of the monthly meetings to ensure we suit your needs (and vice-versa).

  • We do not impose a minimum hour requirement. Every qualified pilot is welcome, from seasoned ATPL holders to the new PPL.

    Check flights will be conducted before you fly. We operate a 90 day recency rule on all aircraft.

    To fly tailwheel or variable pitch prop, you must alreeady have the appropriate qualification. We do not carry out Differences Training on our aircraft.

  • The share costs £2,500 which is yours to sell as and when you require. In addition to the share price there is a non-refundable one-time £250 joining fee. There is also a monthly subscription of £90.

    Prices correct June 2024

  • The hourly flying costs depend on what aircraft you fly. The hourly rates are:
    - Robin DR400: £120
    - Wassmer WA52: £120
    - Robin DR221 - £90

    This is a wet rate (includes fuel and oil), and is regularly kept under review in line with prevailing fuel prices.

    Prices correct June 2024

  • The Group aims to maintain a membership of 35 pilots. Members range in their active use of the aircraft, with each aircraft usually flying around 100-150 hours each per year.

  • The Group has three permanent committee members, a chairman, a treasurer and a secretary.

    In addition each aircraft has a minder, their role being to get problems fixed, arrange servicing, co-ordinate technical matters, maintaining logbooks and so on.

    We are fortunate to have several CRIs in the Group, who can carry out biennial refresher training for SEP rating revalidation.

  • Regular meetings are held at Popham Airfield, usually the first Sunday of each month, and are dual-hosted in person and by video conferencing. Once a year we have an AGM when a committee is elected to take responsibility for day-to-day matters. Traditionally we do a hangar clean as a group in August each year.

    Members help with running the Group and individual members will undertake particular tasks or roles as needed, like research on new topics or equipment or searching for new aircraft.

    Members also connect via Hampshire Flying Group's WhatsApp.

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EGHP Popham N511138 W0011407
Popham Airfield, Coxford Down, Winchester, SO21 3BD